Saturday, November 24, 2012

Concert & Graduation 2012: Colours

This year, the theme for our annual Concert and Graduation at Kembangsari was 'Colours'. Therefore, the material used for all the performances had something or other to do with colours.

Preparations began earlier this year, as I was around then to give ideas. As I was only there during the very initial stages, the educators (and myself, admittedly) were very nervous about putting up a good show. Preparations not only encompassed training the children in singing the songs but also the choreography of the songs, as well as matching and designing costumes and props.

Nearer the big day, Dad would draw up a draft of what the stage would look like.

Some of the educators then arrive on the night before, and more come on the morning itself to help with setting up the stage.

For particular educators, the night before also involved getting some of their props ready...

We received positive feedback for the stage this year, with the 3D effect created by the pieces of cloth that floated midair from the front to the back of the stage.

To see the hall seated to its maximum capacity and full from beginning to the end of the show was also a very encouraging sign. We really appreciate the support from everyone in the crowd - thank you!

You have no idea the amount of work that goes into making a successful show. And when I say work, I do not mean only the training and preparation for the performances. I also mean all the effort invested into grooming the children into the confident individuals that they are.

Like the African proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child", it takes the hard work and sweat of all the teaching and non-teaching staff and management, parents and the individual child to see the results we see in the children. It takes time and patience to guide children to become a team player who is respectful of themselves and others. It takes belief and perseverance in cultivating the habit of learning from mistakes with a positive attitude. It takes skill and enthusiasm to promote enjoyment for learning and doing new things.

The event, in my opinion, was a success. The children outdid themselves and performed better than everyone imagined. The parents were respectful of each other and were very supportive of all children. We are very honoured to have all of you with us.

Hope you will enjoy the DVD and we look forward to putting up another spectacular show for you next year!

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