Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

How time flies, yet another year. I still remember that I had a mooncake bigger than my face last year. A close friend also shared with me photos of his family dinner on Whatsapp. Photos of the tableful of food and also the colourful paper lanterns in his front porch made me miss home more, actually. But, I was thankful for the warmth sent from afar through his photos and also my phone conversations with Mum and Dad.

This year, it is another Mid-Autumn Festival away from home. Instead of the usual 月亮园 by 山脚下男孩, I feel more of a connection to 我们的月亮一定圆 this year. I especially like these three phrases:

如果没有跌跌撞撞  (If there is no falling over)
永远都学不会坚强 (There will never be growth)
熬过绝望就­有希望 (Overcoming despair will bring hope)

词: 黄威尔 / 李志清
曲: 黄威尔

我们的月亮一定圆   一家人今天来团圆
我们的月亮­一定圆   手牵手我们心­相连
疲惫在寻找著臂弯   眼泪在等待被抹­干
贫穷或富有都一样   明月光 把黑夜点亮
我们的月亮一定圆   一家人今天来团圆
我们的月亮一­定圆   手牵手我们心相­连 (手牵手 牵成一个圆)
如果没有跌跌撞撞   永远都学不会坚强
熬过绝望就­有希望   明月光 把黑夜点亮
我们的月亮一定圆   一家人今天来团圆
我们的月亮一­定圆   手牵手 我们心相连
我们的月亮一定圆   一家人今天来团圆
我们的月亮一­定圆   手牵手我们心相­连 (手牵手 牵成一个圆)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone!

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