Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Grand Luang Prabang

Dad decided to stay in the capital again for the final night of our holiday, to make the trip to the airport nearer. He chose The Grand Luang Prabang because he was attracted by how the hotel is situated in the grounds of the Xiengkeo Palace, once belonging to famous nationalist hero, Prince Phetsarath.

The French colonial influence was noticeable but although they were rated the most stars of the three places that we stayed during this holiday, I did not feel like it was. I wonder if it was because it was of "many stars" level, that the service was a little "snobbish". More distant feeling, not as warm as the other places we were at. But that's just me, maybe I was so tired by the end of the holiday I had little to be warm about myself.

Nothing to complain about regarding the rooms.

All rooms had a sliding door that opened up to their own private outdoor verandah and this view:

Ah, yes, they definitely were right next to the Mekong, princely indeed.

We walked around and found where the pool was...

... and nearby there were what we assumed used to be palace workers' quarters.

The place had since been bought by the current owners who then turned it into a hotel. There were some displays introducing the owners and the palace's makeover, which I really should have noted. The most interesting part of this was how the owners saved a cow/bull or a herd of them or something along those lines. They still keep them and now still roam the hotel grounds. We even herd their bells from our rooms.

The other interesting part of our stay at this hotel was how I noticed a big convoy of caravans parked in their parking lot. The lot had outdoor power stations, which seemed purpose-fit for caravans. We happened to share a ride into the capital with a couple who was part of that convoy. Every year, they spend months on the road driving all the way from Germany and end their trip in Singapore. I was like wow... amazing...

Transfers were available a few times a day to the capital and the airport. There was only one place for food, which was why most of the people staying at the hotel travel into the capital for meals. And shopping, of course.

Ban Xiengkeo, Khet Sangkalok, P.O. Box 1191, 06000 Luang Prabang, Lao PDR
Tel: +856 71 253 851-7, Fax: +856 71 253 027-8

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