Saturday, June 27, 2020

New chapter

You must be wondering what new chapter, right? No, it is not that chapter that is crossing your mind right now.

Perhaps all of you know that I work in the early childhood education field, or at least, I am qualified to. Then, I took a break from all of that and went on impromptu trips with the bff to many places, even learnt to play the ukulele and signed up for Korean language classes. 

Perhaps some of you know that after all that, I ended up working on a remote island off the south-east coast of Sabah. That has been an eye-opener and despite all that has happened during my 1.5 years there, I am thankful for the experience there. Oh, and no, it was not in early childhood education. Instead, I was working in a dive resort. What? You cannot swim one wor! Oh, but now, I am licensed to dive. Hell yea... you'd better believe it because I, too, found it quite unbelievable that I am comfortable underwater now!

Fast forward to this year, I applied for a job at several places and got interviewed by one. I got the job and was supposed to start in April. Bam, the country got hit by the global pandemic and was in lockdown, which meant that I could not report to work. I was issued two official letters informing me that my report to work day has been postponed until further notice.

I then received a call on a Friday afternoon from a mobile number. I did not answer it the first two times. I answered on the third and it was their HR personnel asking if I could start work on Monday. Monday?! Wow, talk about not giving prior notice. I told him that I have not completed my Health Examination and I could not go immediately because of my monthly cycle. I then said that I could start a week after that, though.

So, the following week, I did my health examination on Thursday, collected the health examination report on Saturday and reported to work on Monday. Today is the 6th day on the job. Overwhelmed is an understatement of how I (still) feel. I have this thought at the back of my head: No wonder people don't want to return from Australia and those who did return, ended up going back there. The work culture is entirely different!

Oh well, we make the best of the situation that we currently are in, right? So, despite everything that is thrown at me at the moment, I am going to face up to the situation. I am going to do my best and if my best is not good enough, well, too bad. I can only try my best and try harder the next time.

There, my new chapter is my new job. Although at the moment, I am still not quite as excited with the workload, am looking forward to making new friends, though.

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