Friday, September 04, 2009

Back Down Under

After 7 hours and 15 minutes of torture, I have finally landed on this massive piece of an island called Australia (yet again). I have rated this particular flight back to Kingsford Smith International Airport the worst in my 6 years of flying to Sydney. Why? Well, one big reason is due to it being a night flight. Another is, a Saudi Arabian baby boy of about a year old would not stop crying! The only time he stopped was when he managed to threaten his dad using his cries to stand up and rock him! Unbelievable!

Just imagine how sore my neck and how heavy my eyelids are right now.

To rub salt to the injury, my money went missing. I only realised that my green $100 note was missing from my purse when I was paying for my train ticket. I was like WTF!?!?!@l#$#^ Great way to welcome me back warmly, eh?

The train ride back to Eastwood was smooth, though. Finally, I get to use the newly refurbished Eastwood station. After unloading my stuff at Aunty's place, we headed to Macquarie Centre so that I could buy my Vodafone recharge from Woolies. I visited the jewellery shop I used to work at and Ray was there. I was also lucky enough to bump into May, who was supposed to be away for the day.

Guess what I had for lunch... chicken laksa at F&L. And, I could not finish the whole bowl! Haha, I guess I have conditioned myself to take Malaysian portions well. I also met up with Xin Wen, who had lunch at the food court while I sipped on my chai tea latte. As usual, we caught up. Okay, more like bitched about other people. Haha...

Went home for a siesta (I so needed it!) and had fun trying to gauge how much hot water to mix with the cold while in the shower! Haha, I was like a popcorn, jumping up and down not knowing the temperature of the water...

Having freshened up, Aunty and I headed over to Newtown to meet up with Cousin Lik Shan (more like Uncle as he is one generation older). We had dinner at Kammadhenu and one er, half a murtabak was all it took to make me feel bloated. Aunty lagi hebat - she had two tosais! Amazing!

Okay, I am like totally zoning off now. Cannot even concentrate on my typing any longer. I will keep you guys updated with photos on facebook (when I start taking photos, that is) and more stories here. Until then, take care, my darlings!

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Brandon Tan said...

you make sydney and malaysia seem so near! lol! sorry to hear about your mishaps... but you know ur way around there so well u shd be ok!