Saturday, September 26, 2009

Graduation memories

Well, it depends on which aspect of 'life' you are directing this question at. If you are asking about the moments directly after the graduation ceremony, then it is more or less standard practice to do most of the following:

With your clumsy graduation robe and bouquets of flowers, you run around the ceremony grounds chasing after lecturers and 'important-looking-people' to take photos with them. In doing so, your friends chase after you to take photos with you.

Your family members would be on a photo-shooting spree, candidly snapping your every movement and expression. Then, depending on whether your family is the portrait kind of family, you would proceed to take professional family portraits that would cost you the sky.

You would then have a celebratory meal with your family. Perhaps, another meal with friends.

Then, the most enjoyable (and painful) part - the after party.

I had the privilege to relive all these happy moments yesterday when Han Wei graduated with his degree.

It was so delightful to have been there to witness the glowing pride of his family members. It was great to see the old DLC guys, too - Daniel,

Wei Foo

and Albert.

It was also eye-opening to see how drunk Han Wei was at night.

The 5/10 finger game and a free-flow of beer DO NOT go together.

Man, the amount of alcohol guzzled down at the rate they were going last night, we were lucky not everyone became as knocked out as he was. Wei Foo and Susan had a challenge going on, too, whereby if Foo got drunk first, he would have to make out with a guy and vice versa.

I, on the other hand, had a very sober night. So sober that I had to drive out to buy some Macca for supper, as I was starving!

Oh, and if after the drinks you still do not feel like sleeping, there would normally be another round of drinking at home. Either that or cards. For us (Wei Foo, Daniel, Susan and myself), we played Big 2. Well, Susan changed it to Strip Big 2 so the two boys went to their rooms to put on as many things as they could. It was hilarious! Susan had three of Foo's sweaters on while Daniel put two on, as well as socks and shoes!

It was great hanging out with them - reminded me of the carefree times in college all those years ago, which were filled with plenty of laughter. Foo insisted on walking us to the junction (so he could' offer' himself to the dogs first to 'protect' us from rabies). Still sweet, nevertheless.

The most exciting part of the night would have to be the part where I could not let myself in to my own room. Not funny. I kept swiping the card to no reaction from the door! It was so humiliating to call the RA on duty at four-freaking-A.M. to open my door for me! Even she had to try for 5 minutes before the door could read her card...

It sure was a long day. A long day of robes, drinks, cards and fish tofu.

So, someone please tell me why is it that I still woke up at 8 this morning!?!?!?!?!?!

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