Monday, September 07, 2009

Trying to settle in

Today is my 4th day back in Sydney. My take so far on things around here: nothing much has changed. Oh, well, maybe one or two buildings have disappeared la. Let's see if I can list some of them here...

> The Maccas at Darling Harbour has relocated.
> The beer factory opposite UTS has since been torn down.
> Shalom has opened a branch on Sussex Street. The Shalom in Broadway has upgraded.
> QVB went through refurbishments. They now have a glass roof that allows more natural light into the building, thus making the place feel wider.
> Macquarie University Station is now OPEN!
> There is this green bus called the CBD Shuttle that allows commuters to travel for FREE in the city.
> Oh, we MUST travel with a TravelTen during office hours.
> Michele's Pattisserie in Galleries Victoria is no longer Michele's. It is now a cafe called Couch.
> Mamak has expanded! They took over the shop next door and yet the queue is still as long!
> Jenny shifted the furniture in her room around to accommodate more stuff.

But it feels good to be back. Could not help smiling to myself while I was walking from Central, through the park, along the busy George Street to Jenny's place. Ah, of course, it was also the people I met up with that made it all the more worthwhile. So far, here's what I have done:

> Had brunch with Jenny at Pancakes on the Rock. Browsed through the flea market, as well, and got to know Yeak Ping Lian's sister who was manning her stall there.
> Walked all the way back from Circular Quay to Chinatown.
> Had dinner at Kura (yes, I finally get to eat my egg udon and yummy takoyaki!) with Angeline, Jenny, Diane and Melvin. Dessert was had at Lindt's Cafe over in Darling Harbour.
> Spent the night gossiping and updating each other at Jenny's.
> Went for yumcha (in this case, it was HK style yumcha = dimsum) at Palace Restaurant with Angeline and Chee Sing.
> Spent time chattering at Angeline's place until it was time to meet up with Edison at Fitzy's Cafe.
> Walked to the Quadrant and had dinner at Shalom with Edison, Jenny, Chee Sing, Angeline and Jia Lin, Edison's housemate and also Jenny's future neighbour.
> Did more walking from Broadway all the way back to Jenny's place.

I think I have still not converted back to Aussie timing, as I was tossing and turning in bed even at 12 midnight! I could not get myself to sleep at all! Gah, and the cold did not help, either! I mean, how do you get used to temperature half of that of where you were?

I will be meeting Emma in 1.5 hours. Hopefully, meeting her in person would clear some air on what will happen next year. Hm, wonder is XW is free for lunch.....

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