Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anzac camping weekend (Day 2)

It was a wet morning, perfect condition for more of us to get unwelcome bites from leeches on the prowl. As the rain started to clear slightly, we quickly cooked breakfast. It was quite a sight watching them prepare breakfast over the stove wearing ponchos. Had pictures taken but was strictly prohibited from posting any of it on cyberspace. We had umbrellas protecting the food and the cooks. Haha....

It was quite a breakfast, considering we were camping out in the wild; bacon and eggs and the works:

While they were cleaning up outside (I stayed in the tent lots), Michael found this little fella:

And guess what they did to it?

Terrible, just terrible my bunch of friends... hahahaha...

We were so glad the sun came up that arvo. We quickly took things out the tent to dry - literally nearly everything was wet due to flooding in everyone's tents.

Our tent was fine, except the part where Shaun slept so he had to sun his sleeping bag. The couples' tent had water go in but was saved somewhat by someone's bra. Hahaha, it helped soak up all the rain water and prevented it from flowing all the way into the tent!

There were some of us who had really healthy hair that would become oily if not washed so it was teamwork to get their hair washed!

While they were at that, Justin showcased his calligraphic talents:

Some of us decided to stay in the tent to stay away from the wetness:

When our tummies told us that it was time to eat yet again, we took out the sausages. Lucas had this ingenious idea of cooking the sausage using a banana skin. It actually worked! The sausage on the inside cooked!

There is one place I so have to tell everyone about: the compost toilet. Haha, the funniest part of our trip has to be this facility. Why? Because, as you walk up the walkway, it looks like an alright little cubicle.

But when you push the door open, wala!

Your nose will instantly pick up on the whiff of ammonia. As it is a COMPOST toilet, they collect your shit (literally) for 9 months before clearing the pit. No water so yea, go imagine. And, no lighting, so when we had to answer the call of nature at night, we had to go in pairs, with one person holding a torchlight while the other... well, you know...

Another funny incident that occurred was this:

Oh well..... someone had to forgo his Indomie. Oh, and how can we not take a group shot?

The fire for the night was a good, big one.

We had dinner like no other camper: steamboat with two flavours of soup base! We had clear soup base, as well as tomyam soup base with whatever you can think of to throw in. We even brought lemongrass and onion and tomato. There was mushroom as well... talk about good food. Imagine how good it tasted when we thought even Indomie tasted amazing in the wild.. haha!

We had a good round of spooky stories, which made me too terrified to go all the way to the toilet. And, I had my first leech bite while eating dinner. I did not even realise it was me until I saw blood on my slippers. Haha, Shaun was wondering where the fat leech came from: Okay everybody, check your feet! Someone must have gotten bitten! I was so confident that it was not me. Oh, good job, Chrys.....

As the mist crept up upon us, the surroundings felt spookier. Some other campers were using their torch lights to 'signal' us. They came nearer and we realised it was the group of Asian campers out in the front. They came over to ask us where to get firewood.

We then decided to call it a night and as we were settling in, we heard a loud fart from the other tent. Gosh.... must be the baked beans in the morning. A few minutes later, we had the signature snore from a dear friend, also from the other tent...

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