Saturday, May 01, 2010

Go, Team Ivy!

What is, or who are, Team Ivy?

Like you, I did not know of their existence until I logged into my Nuffnang account and saw an announcement there. Ivy is the name of a little girl who has a blogger for a mummy. Mummy's name is Tiffany and she would like to reciprocate the good and hard work of all the people at John Hunters Children's Hospital, as well as the nurses who have been caring for her little girl. To find out more of Ivy's experiences, look up Three Ring Circus.

Team Ivy is aiming to raise $5000 to help the hospital that cares for children in the Hunter Valley and northern New South Wales regions. They have passed the halfway mark but it does not hurt for more people to show what charitable and loving beings they are, right?

So, instead of chilling with a mug of mocha and a plate of huge sandwich, which you force yourself to finish till you can't breath properly, why not spend that 15 bucks on something more meaningful? If you can't afford to donate in monetary form, at least help spread the word to people whom you think could afford some cash to help the cause.

Thank you!


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Wow! Thank you for this!

Chrys said...

No worries, Tiffany. Glad to be of some help (hopefully!) =)