Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life #6

Does it show on my face when my heart skips a beat?
Does it show in my actions when I mute my excitement and glee?
Do you realise I began to look forward to our meetings?
Do you realise I am happier in your presence?

Gosh, I cannot recall when was the last time a feeling like that overcame me. The feeling of getting to know new people, of making new connections, of forging new ties. Or perhaps, it is the feeling of looking forward to a new-found hope of a lasting friendship. A friendship built from scratch, no previous data, zilch. It is always more exciting to paint on white canvas, don't you think?

But when two people connect well to each other, what does that normally say? Regardless of whether those two are related by blood or mere friends, I feel that a special connection is still a special connection.

One built on respect
occasional arguments
inspiration and

Deciding to open up one's heart to a new existence takes courage and belief in one's judgement. Even if that person is a long lost friend. Do you want to go with the flow and put in the building blocks of a two-way communication?

A special connection goes further than two-way communication. Heck, sometimes I even feel that it is more than two- way. It is that unseen bond that we so easily take for granted and conveniently forget to maintain. It deserves even more mention when that special connection starts in the early stages of a friendship - I sometimes have this urge to ask: Where the hell have you been all this time?

I believe that every person appears in your life for a reason, as a dear friend of mine pointed out. Therefore, I will treasure and utilise the time I have to the fullest with each and every one of them. For better or for worse. =)

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