Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Celebrating 300 posts!

This is my 300th post on my lovely blog! And to celebrate, I bought myself this:

Yes, I now have a black handbag that most of you would feel I would never buy! Hahahahaha.....

Ok, ok, I did not buy it to celebrate this post. It was coincidental. I bought it due to several reasons:

1) It looked good and was in a colour that would match most of my clothes.
2) It was reasonably priced.
3) I needed something that I could bring to fancy dinners, to work and to functions.

Called the 'Plain Jane' from Nine West, it is a new arrival and is not even up on their online store yet. Housemate also bought herself a 'Sitting Pretty', which I thought was lovely, too.

Hm, I wonder which occasion would the virgin appearance for my little Jane be?


Ken Wooi said...

i havent even reached 200th post! haha.. =)

bixx said...

congrats on ur 300th post! =) nanged!

Chrys said...

thank u!!!