Monday, September 20, 2010

S.H.E. Is The One Live In Sydney Concert 2010

A very expensive piece of paper gave me two hours of excitement, happy music and a nearly worn-out voicebox!

Also, I told myself that by hook or by crook, I will meet her on the night:

Jie Hui, my ex-student whom I taught for 4 years and is now reading law at Monash University. It was SO GOOD to see her!

I did not go alone. My partner-in-crime and super Hebe fan was Selvi, someone I recently befriended at Nutrition 101:

And when you are at a concert, you are expected to make some noise. These came in handy:

When the stage turned from this...

... to this...

...everyone went hyper!

The opening of the concert was the song which made them the stars they are today - Super Star:

This was followed by a video explaining the conception of the group; of how three different characteristics came together to form one entity, hence the name of the concert, 爱而为一:

From there, they maintained the fast-paced action with Boom Boom Boom, Super Model and 宇宙小姐:

The tempo slowed down with the girls re-appearing on stage with a backdrop of a crescent moon:

They presented a medley of 612星球,热带雨林,天灰,五月天,你最近还好吗 and 花都开好了:

The combination of the backdrop, lighting and confetti, just lovely. They interacted with the crowd and showed us that they really are adorable with 伦敦大桥垮下来,怎么办 and 可爱万岁:

There was a video of a cute animation by Ella, which gave the girls time to change costumes, re-apply make-up, as well as a quick quench of thirst. The video had Ella introducing herself and the two other members of the group:

At the end of the animation, Ella talked about how she found Hebe's voice angelic - clean and clear, which worked as an introduction to Hebe's solo of Dream A Little Dream Of Me:

elina's solo of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go! followed on from there. I apologise for the poor clarity of the video, as I could not get the camera to focus:

I quite enjoyed the jazzy edge to the solos. Ella's solo of 我就是我 was the only solo in Mandarin, as after that, Selina and Hebe joined her on stage to give a jazz rendition of 触电:

After that, it was back to rocking the house down with 半糖主义, 我爱烦恼 and 痛快:

Narrated by Selina, a short video clip was played and in it were three young girls (who will grow up to be very pretty) who were drawing with crayons about who they want to be. Young Hebe wanted a stage of her own, young Selina wanted to be a beautiful bride and young Ella wanted to protect the both of them by becoming Superwoman. Haha... They then returned onto stage and invited us to join in their pyjama party with 天使在唱歌,金钟罩铁布衫,梦田 and 老婆:

While disrobing from all those layers of pink, the three girls took some time to stir up some light-hearted banter and impromptu jokes on the seafood they ate. Ella enjoying the fresh oysters and confessed that she had about 12 of them! Not only that, she said she had two and surprised everyone with her two 'oysters' (think of what the Little Mermaid wears...)! Hebe played along by commenting on how sexy Ella was, "Wow, 你好性感哦". I think my favourite part of the concert was the KTV part (and I apologise for my hyper singing, as I was so excited!). It was just hilarious watching the accompanying music videos, which were one-of-a-kind, as the person singing the song would appear as the character in the music video! First up was Ella, who selected to sing Jay Chou's 简单爱:

Second, it was Selina's turn to sing and she chose Fish Leong's 崇拜. Hebe's turn was next and she sang Faye Wong's 给自己的情书. She also took this opportunity to promote a song called Love? from her new solo album:

The following KTV session involved us in the audience, as well, as we were invited to get up on our feet to join in the high-ness. Well, I don't know about everyone else but Selvi and I were definitely up dancing and singing along to Mayday's 终结孤单, A-Mei's 三天三夜 and 魔力:

After the below video, the battery of my camera totally passed out and I had to rely on my mobile phone, instead - I had to record the laser display that was on during I.O.I.O.:

Mobile phones being mobile phones, quality of sound and picture nearly non-existent but how can I not record 不想长大?

美丽新世界 closed the curtains for the concert:

Actually, here is a better video of the entire closing number of I.O.I.O., 波斯猫,不想长大,Beauty Up My Life, Remember and 美丽新世界:

Of course, no concert is complete without the audience asking for me and so, the girls delivered 中国话 and 恋人未满 as encore songs (complete with a change of costumes):

Some videos shared here belong to Alex. Thank you!

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