Friday, September 03, 2010

Count your blessings

Each time he takes you home in his car
Each time he thoughtfully sends an SMS
Each time he calls
Each time there is an email in your inbox from him
Each time he dotingly kisses you
Each hug he loving gives you
Each meal he attentively cooks for you
Each gift he surprises you with
Each joke he tells to make you laugh
Each time he lets things go your way
Each time he gives you the cold shoulder when he is frustrated
Each frown he tries not to show when he is upset
Each argument he has with you because he bothers to work things out
Each decision he makes in life to give you a better one
Each compromise he makes to give you the respect you deserve
Each time he smiles and not say anything when he looks at you

Each smile that unconsciously appears on your face when you think of him
And all those smiles is worth every effort

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