Saturday, September 03, 2011

10 signs your child cannot hear

From the latest issue of MQ Staff News was a small write-up dedicated to children with hearing difficulties.

Children acting out or displaying behaviours that seem defiant could actually be showing signs of a hearing problem. Audiologist Dr. Mridula Sharma has a list of ten signs that your child may be experiencing difficulty hearing:
  1. Turns up the volume of TV or radio to a disturbing level.
  2. A delayed reaction or no response when called.
  3. Suffers from frequent colds, fever or ear infections.
  4. Frequently pulling at or playing with their ear.
  5. Often overactive, uncooperative or cranky.
  6. Withdrawn when interacting with other children.
  7. Will only respond to direct questions when facing you.
  8. Has trouble paying attention and does not follow directions.
  9. Frequently asks for words or phrases to be repeated.
  10. Tends to speak loudly.
Children displaying any one of these behaviours may have an auditory processing disorder. Even if you do not observe the above signs, I think there is no harm in taking your children for a hearing test.

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