Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

A new year, in a new environment with new faces. Good old Miss Moon still shone brightly from above. This year, a simple cheese-baked black pepper beef rice dinner was prepared by yours truly and was enjoyed with housie Jie, PR May Hsien, TR Rachie, newly appointed MSA Social Aaron and his extremely sociable and has-been-to every-event-there-is sidekick, Jeremy.

Dinner was fun mainly due to how the three young ones filled the house with laughter and plenty of lameness.

It was pure entertainment to watch them squabble over everything. Literally.

Oh, and also that little episode where there was a 'How To Use A Lighter 101' tutorial.

Big thank you to Jeremy for getting the Kee Wah Deluxe Mini Mooncakes Gift Box!

Here is to wishing everybody
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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rachie said...

thanks again for having us over jiejie! :) had a wonderful time!