Friday, March 30, 2012


Just beside the arch welcoming you to Sydney's busy Chinatown, there is a little restaurant called iTaiwan.

As we walk in, we are greeted with rustic lampshades and brown leather cushion seats.

With the music of Jay Chou playing softly in the background, the ambience would appeal to the younger Asian crowd.

Another hit with the younger crowd would be their electronic menus (which we fiddled with for quite a while).

Between the two of us, we share a dish of salt and pepper calamari and...

... a dish of bitter melon with salted egg.

Each of us had a bowl of Chinese Angelica duck with thin noodles in soup (we found the name pretty intriguing).

On a whole, it was not as bad as we expected. I particularly enjoyed the bitter melon with salted egg, perhaps due to my growing liking for the bitter melon. The noodles a little on the bland side but still a pass.

52 Dixon Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000, Australia
Tel: +61 2 9212 2220

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