Sunday, March 04, 2012

World Read Aloud Day

Yes, it is exactly as you read it. A day to read aloud.

This is not to say that we only read aloud on this one day. Ideally, we should be reading aloud to and with children as frequent as our situations permit. However, in our not-so-perfect world, reading aloud seems to be classified as luxury more than necessity.

I suppose not many people realise the magic of this simple act. What is the difference between reading a book quietly and reading it aloud? Well, reading aloud provides more opportunities for social interaction. It is not just a transfer of voice but also body language, intonation and mannerism. Children, especially, enjoy being read aloud to.

Reading aloud also stimulates our hearing senses. There is a reason to why students are encouraged to read their study notes aloud to themselves when preparing for an exam.

I also find that reading aloud helps us correct our own mistakes. Even better if a voice recording device of some sort (your mobile phone works, too) to record ourselves reading. Listening to ourselves may be funny, but is also helpful in correcting our intonation and pronunciation.

So if you are up for it, spend some read aloud time with your kids and yourselves this coming Wednesday. Have a good one!

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