Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friends are like family

For the first time, I sent out invitations to friends who have given much meaning to different parts of my life. The invitation was for Chinese New Year, and also to catch up with them given my short stay in KL this time around.

To all of you who came, a very big thank you!

The Koh family: Xin Wen, we finally get to be in KL at the same time for Chinese New Year after so many years!

Dave, thank you for coming and glad that you are enjoying yourself in Malaysia.

My AsiaWorks buddies, Henry and Evon, thank you for coming all the way from Klang just to catch up. You guys are the best!

Uncle Wong and Miss Yong, thank you for coming and for your angpau.

Miss Lew, I am so touched! You came alone, driving in the dark with a bad flu, all in the name of 'love'.... hahaha... thank you so much! Muaks!

My CPUian buddies, Alan, Lian Shien and Mong, thank you for making your way over. Alan, thanks for organising. So happy for you and Shieny with the baby on the way. And oh, thank you for the angpau :P

My Perdanarian juniors, Pin Kean, Siew Ching, Kah Fai and Yun Hau, thank you for spending some time at our place. You guys seem to have really enjoyed the board game. Pin Kean, you really enjoyed the prawn crackers, yea? Haha... Siew Ching, congratulations to you and How Ran. Kah Fai, congrats to you, too. Yun Hau, continue to work hard la, ya? Haha... and we know your office is surrounded by good food but you really 'fat fuk' ady leh... :))

The 'reunited' lovebirds, Chee Kit and Sandra. Okay, that sounded a little wrong but I think you get what I mean. Thank you for making it. Chee, all the best with your part-time studies and Sandra, we sama-sama gambate, ya?

Primary and high school friend, Yuen Chai, thanks for coming all the way, too. Always nice to meet up with you to catch up and laugh over stuff.

Kean Giap, thank you for all that you have done for me during this trip. Really appreciate all your help!

My besties, Max, Jeunn and Cat, thank you like always. I know you love my house, I do, too. Will inform you on how much it will cost to rent my place to you for your photography shoot... lol. Love you guys!

My Perdanarian juniors Guek Ming, Hwee Lee, Jwu Hoe and Chai Ling, thank you for visiting. Your interest in the house, especially Jwu Hoe, was apparent. Must be an architect thing. Ray and Aunty Cindy, thank you for the Martini.

For all who could not make it this time, no worries, there is always next year!

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