Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

For the first time in many years, I feel pampered on Valentine's Day. I've not 'celebrated' Valentine's Day in I don't even remember how long. As if to 'make up' for all the uncelebrated ones, I had two dates this year. 

Hm, well, technically, I would consider it one date because the lunch date was purely just lunch. However, it was pretty awesome roast duck gonlo mien (干捞麵) at Yummy Duck Roast House (鸭味无穷) over  at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park. And no, he did not pay for me, I paid for my own portion.

When VK asked me two days earlier to choose between Wednesday and Thursday to catch up, I chose Thursday because Wednesday was totally booked out. When he asked where I would like to go, I told him I had no idea but I would like to watch the Aniu movie, The Wedding Diary 2 because I watched the first installment last Chinese New Year. So when he suggested to catch up over dinner and do the movie, I thought why not, since I get to kill two birds with one stone.

He bought the tickets online and he came to take me from home to Pavilion. Along the way, there were many ad hoc stalls selling flower bouquets, which got him wondering. I went, "今天是情人节呀..." and his reply was, "是吗?我完全都忘了..." Haha, I did not think he'd realise, anyway. 

After some window shopping, we had dinner at Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen on Level 6 of the classy (and not to mention crowded) shopping complex. He and his usual trick to get himself out of making a decision on what to order for himself: You choose the two dishes that you would like to have most and I'll share with you lor....

After dinner, we shared a green tea soft cone (which by the way, was orgasmic and I don't know why I did not take a picture of myself indulging it!). Then it was off to enjoy the movie. Then, it was more catch up over drinks downstairs at Malones.

For some reason, he decided to try a blend of Guinness and ale. He does not like ale so no surprise he did not like the mixture.

I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed my red Sangria. Lots of fruits for me to chew, so I slowly took my time to enjoy it.

I ended up looking just as red as the drink after that. When he got me back to my doorstep, he quickly dashed out of the car to open the back passenger door. He handed to me a little silver box wrapped with a big flower ribbon. 

I was very surprised, "I thought you said you didn't realise that it was Valentine's Day today?!" 

A cheeky smile flashed across his face, "Happy Valentine's Day..."

Sigh... such friends are hard to come by and I thank my lucky stars for friends like you. 

VK, thank you.

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