Monday, April 01, 2013

Taska & Tadika Kembangsari: Our environment

We have occupied the premises for a decade now. And as we grew in age, we grew in physical space. Mum and Dad have also invested a good deal of their weekends doing what they enjoy - gardening.

And when they say that you reap what you sow, oh yes, how true! Our children definitely have that embedded in their learning when they are with us.

The children not only get to tend to their own vegetable plots, they get to harvest their crops and then hand the harvest over to the kitchen to be cooked for either lunch or dinner. This is in addition to the many fruit trees that we have in our compound.

They also learn to share their space with other living beings, which many city kids do not get to see much nowadays.

Hopefully, our children will grow up respecting their environment, especially Mother Nature. We have to constantly remind ourselves that it is not an inborn quality, it is also something we instill in children and have to lead by example.

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