Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy 56th Merdeka Day, Malaysia!

Crying Out Love 呼唤爱
Composed, Lyrics and Produced by 彭学斌 @ Pocket Music Malaysia

如果地球有一张脸   是不是一张和谐的容颜
如果希望是一盏灯   能不能照亮每一个心愿
如果生命是一首歌   是不是唱着幸福和快乐
如果爱是一种颜色   彩虹会不会出现在这一刻
抵挡不需要拳头   言语不需要战火
朋友不需要明说   微笑和眼神就足够
站在高处往下看   其实我们都一样
We are one   世界就是一个家
大声呼唤大声唱起来   让所有人知道我们有多爱
手中握紧自己的未来   不让别人主宰生命的精彩
衷心祝福我们这时代   沿途在多障碍我们一样爱
心是小孩最真诚的期待   相信明天的光更灿烂地盛开

My own rough translation:
If the Earth had a face, would that face be a harmonious face?
If hope was a light, would it illuminate every wish?
If life was a song, would it be a song of happiness and joy?
If love was a colour, would a rainbow appear at this moment?
No need for fistful resistance, no need for verbal wars
Friends need not words, a smile and a look suffice
Standing high and looking down, actually we are the same
We are one, the world is one home
Call out loud and sing out loud, let everyone know how much we love
Holding tight to our own futures, not allowing others to dictate our wonderful lives
Whole-heartedly wishing our generation, to love not matter how many obstacles are along the journey
The heart is the child's most sincere expectation, believing that tomorrow's light blooms more brilliantly

As long as there is love. As long as we believe.

Believe in a better Malaysia.

Selamat Hari Merdeka, tanahairku Malaysia!

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