Friday, August 23, 2013

Wat Kai Fan Jalan San Peng

I love Dad because he brings me along to many of his work-related meetings. Once, I accompanied him to a site inspection, the school hall he designed for SJKC Chung Kwo on Jalan Pudu and the reason I enjoy accompanying him is because he brings me out for good food!

Jalan San Peng is just a stone's throw away from the school and I remember the row of stalls along the road but have never bothered stopping. It is bad when your own father thinks that you are a princess and may find the place disgusting. "You sure ah? This place a lot of samseng one wor and don't have air-con one wor." Excuse me, I am not that bad, okay? But just bear in mind that it is a roadside set up, so you will get noise and other types of pollutants.

Judging from the crowd (it was slightly past lunchtime) and what they were eating, I quickly gathered that they are famous for their chicken and prawn noodle in soup. Dad did the ordering, as I had no clue but I did want some greens. Crispy and fresh. Well, how hard could blanching vegetables be? Er, did I just offend people who have not cooked before?

And then there was steamed fish. Plain and simple but lovely. The taste of ginger was not overpowering and it was at the right saltiness level. Flesh of the fish just slipped off the bones.

"Do you eat chicken feet?", Dad asked. "Of course I do, I'm Hakka, just like you!" May I say that their braised chicken feet and pork belly were AWESOME. Juicy, flavoursome and melt in your mouth!

As Dad is a char siew fan, we ordered a serving of that, too. To me, it was well, char siew. Could have had more 'char', though. Not as burnt as I would have liked it but had good texture.

If anything, we ordered too much for two. They do not have a formal name and address but do look out for this signboard at the side of Jalan San Peng, just opposite the Pudu LRT Station. That is the Telekom building you see in the background of the photo, so if you see Telekom, you are in the right place. Yellow lined road but still plenty of cars parked on the sides. If you prefer not to hog the road, the LRT station has plenty of free parking across the road and with some luck, you might just get a spot shaded by a tree.

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