Monday, August 26, 2013

Kedai Makanan O & S Restaurant Paramount Garden

The last time I drove past this hawker centre would be when I was still dating J. Gasp, that was ages ago! Geez...

I revisited because being the good daughter I am (ahem), I accompanied Dad to the car service centre near Jalan 222 and this place was a 5-minute drive away. And we were hungry.

"You want to have char kway teow at O & S?" I furiously nodddddddd......

To consume char kway teow in all its pork lard, charcoal wok hei and high-cholesterol cockle glory, one has to be eating this at a noisy, crowded, hot and somewhat smelly hawker centre in the midst of plastic tables and chairs. Did I just spoil the image for everyone? :D

Char kway teow RM4.50
One dish that I have not had in years is curry noodles. I remember that I use to have a bowl almost every day back in primary school. Squeeze the kalamansi lime to add some sour taste. Otherwise, the bowl of noodles with beancurd puff, bean sprouts and chicken in simple curry taste just as good with some sambal on the side.

Curry noodles with chicken RM4.50
Depending on the time of the day It is hard to find parking and a seat most times of the day, especially lunch time. But when you do, quickly place your order, tell them where you are seated and the food will come to you. Lots of waitstaff around so no worries with drink orders. Oh, and a pack of tissues is a must. :)

Kedai Makanan O & S Restaurant
39 Jalan 20/14, Paramount Garden, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Open daily for breakfast and lunch

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