Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Winery

My visit to The Winery brought me to a part of Surry Hills, which I have never been to. I did not realise that there were so many shops tucked away - mental note to come back here again to check the place out.

It took me longer than everyone else to get to their entrance because I kept looking at the stuff they had outdoors. And some of them made me wonder, like this one; if they really were pointing in the right direction?

We walked up the flight of stairs looked over by a few "people" (faces more like)...

I found the deer taxidermy pretty eery, actually...

We found them quirky and liked the place, everything from the furniture, the decor to their wood panel ceiling. Ideas ran through our minds when we saw how empty boxes could look good through glass cupboard doors - organised mess, no?

We were shown to our table that was tucked away in the corner. When we saw the menu, we went, "Oh, only one page?" Haha, obviously it was more than enough to keep the crowd coming, as the crowd gradually grew and was full.

We shared two jugs of Pimm's & Lemonade (Pimm's, Martini Rosso, mint, cucumber, strawberry, lemon and ginger ale $25/jug).

When the waitress served our entrees, she had to repeat her explanation, as we were too distracted by her Halloween costume!

M liked the dips and olives and toasted bread ($18) lots because she liked the pink and the green ingredients on the plate.

The salt and pepper calamari (special of the day) lacked a little crunch but was flavoursome.

M was the only person who ordered the Spanner crab, cassarecce, chilli, garlic and basil ($28), which we all thought was tasty. We liked how it had an unexpected spicy kick.

Mel and I wanted the salmon cutlet, samphire, kale and lemon ($29). Mel's salmon cutlet was a little too dry for her liking while mine, I thought was just right. We were more impressed with the greens on the side than the fish!

C and S both had the 200g Flat Iron Wagyu served with Cafe de Paris butter, red wine jus and djion mustard ($28). Both had theirs done medium rare, which M could not accept. She could not stand the sight of blood oozing out of a piece of meat... lol!

For dessert, we ordered two serves of mango brûleé with wild lime sorbet ($12) and one serve of chocolate brownie with salted caramel ice-cream ($14). I highly recommend the mango brûleé. The chocolate brownie was not bad but I found it really rich and sweet.

Another big crowd-puller would have to be how thoughtful and observant their waitstaff were. We did not get the name of the young man looking after us but he sure knew how to make an impression. He surprised me with a birthday drink at the end. When we asked how he knew, his reply was, "I saw you girls giving her presents, so I thought it's for her birthday".

Spot on and what a great way to end the night!

A little more on the pricey end but I would not mind paying more for quality hospitality and unique ambience.

They are a little secluded - walk through the old sandstone gates, and if you can see Thomas Dux (how convenient), you are at the right place. Walk down the plant-lined pathway and you should receive a warm welcome from their friendly staff on the wooden platform on your left.

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The Winery
285A Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW 2010, Australia
Tel: +61 2 9331 0833, E-mail:
Open daily from midday to midnight

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