Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cameron Highlands

It was another tiring day sitting in my mum's Unser (which is a vehicle I do not recommend to any of you when going on a long distance trip). To make things even worse, I barely had enough sleep to help recuperate from the long journey back to my hometown the day before and also the oh-so-tiring concert. Oh, and not to mention the high altitude of Cameron Highlands and the windy roads.

It was a rainy day up in Cameron. It did not pour heavily but was a comfortable drizzle. The view after the rain was breathtaking. The tea plantation was just charming and having scones and tea overlooking the Cameron Bharat plantation was something that we had to do before leaving for home. Unfortunately, the BOH plantation was closed.

Mum did her marketing up in Cameron and she definitely did not leave empty-handed, or should I say 'empty-vehicled'. The Unser was filled with flowers, mostly petunias. We also visited Cactus Valley and dad 'borrowed' some ideas from the various the garden designer implemented. Cactus Valley was better than what we expected. Very well-planned and well-maintained. Definitely worth visiting, as it not only houses flowers of various kinds, it also grows apple and grape plants. Interesting place, indeed.

The windy trip down the mountain affected me badly. I had to throw up at the Tapah R&R. I have to say, that R&R is the best one I've ever been to. Clean, beautiful and friendly place, that is. If all R&Rs are like that, it would be great.

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