Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mamak gathering #1

Date: December 19, 2005
Time: 9:oopm
Venue: Sri Neela mamak, Taman Desa

It was a mini gathering, with a sizeable number of us present. Dor and I were the first to arrive. Guess who we saw walking up the road to the same place? Kenny and a girl. Didn't talk to him. Haha.. so bad eh? All I did was glance at him every now and then when we sat at the table. We grinned at each other. Sort of like sending signals to each other. Signals such as: who are you looking at? why are you here? When he left, he came up to us to shake hands with Weng and Dor. He looked at me, smiled and shook my hand, too. He grabbed me really hard. Reminded me of the old him.

Since we were early, we headed over to Edwin's place. So darn pai seh man! Dor and I walked all the way up the stairs just to find that it was the wrong flight of stairs. Man!!!!

Alright, so Lim Yoke and Adeline arrived after us but their drinks arrived before ours. When I saw Lim Yoke, I stood up right away to hug her! It has been such a long time since I've seen her and Adeline! Was so happy to see them! And I so love her hair!

Slowly, everyone else trickled in. Ken Luam and Yin Lee, Weng Lok, Edwin, and even later on, Jeunn Fuh who had to leave early due to stomache upset. Hui Wei also showed up really late as she was at a friend's birthday party. Yuen Chai was there, too with Kong to meet up with his gang of friends. They sat with Tai Wai and Shin Yuen and some other guys who looked really familiar. Kien Loon and Chun Yau were there, too! So long since I've seen them. I couldn't even recall their names! Ai Ling ffk: she forgotten that we were meeting up. '-_-

Alright, here are some of the pics we took that night. See if you can recognise most of us.

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