Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Concert & Graduation 2005

What is wrong with my dad's comp?? Why can't I upload my photos?? Oh well, another pictureless entry I guess.

It was the night every teacher, parent and child was waiting for. It will be the night that they would be able to sleep peacefully and soundly again. That night was the Concert and Graduation night for the year 2005. The theme was 'Wonders of Nature'.

This year, we did things differently. We had a go at placing the graduation before, instead of after the concert and if you ask me, I thought it worked out pretty well. We had 10 boys from the 3rd KL Boys' Brigade Company there to help. They are friends of me li'l bro's. Er, I do know Yee Khai, though. We had 3 buglers to start of the grand procession, which was led by 2 flag-bearers. Grand opening, indeed.

I thought this year's seating arrangement and how we used the desks to form a barrier around the sound system and the projector screen was very helpful. It prevented unruly parents from bombarding the staircase to the stage and also kept them away from the sound system. Many parents were considerate and were seated for most of the concert. Some, however, were not so. I had to make announcements to ask them to be seated. Once, I had to go on stage to tell them that other parents seating behind the middle row were unable to watch the performance and were coming up to me to complain. That helped keep almost all of them seated. Those who were standing chose to stand at the sides of the hall. More interestingly, this year, we had groups of parents taking turns to come up to the front of the stage to snap shots of their little ones. This turn-taking amused dad a little, as it was the first time we've seen the parents behave in such an orderly manner.

My dance had a mistake! Sob, sob. I was terribly excited and nervous. I've never felt like that before! As expected, they did not remember the ending part where they had to form two lines to go in opposite directions. But, I am still very proud of them. I mean, they are only 7, 8 and 9 years old. They put together the entire dance in one week. And most importantly, they had loads of fun.

The finale was spectacular, as usual. They did not need a mic as everyone could hear the kids singing clearly. The night ended with everyone feeling tired but happy and satisfied. Mum is rewarding them with a seafood dinner in Kuala Selangor, inclusive of a firefly-sighting boat ride next Saturday.

Now, I have to scoot off to my post-concert meeting with the teachers. What do you think next year's theme should be?

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