Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Gold Coast: Warner Bros. Movie World & Wet 'n' Wild Water World

It didn't matter that the weather was forecasted to be rainy. It didn't matter that the sky threatened to pour. It didn't matter that it was wet and windy. We were in Gold Coast and not being able to go to the theme parks would defeat the whole purpose of being there. And so, we braved the unpleasant weather not knowing what was in store....

Just look at the eager beavers consisting of (top to bottom, left to right) Angeline and Chee Sing, Edison, Jenny and Nic, as well as Shaun and I:

Despite the grey skies, welcome to Movie World!

Because it was raining, many of the rides were closed. So, we walked around and posed for pictures with super heroes:

This is the main road where they hold parades:

When the rain finally let up slightly, we quickly rushed to check whether Superman Escape was open. When it wasn't, we took time to pose in front of its signage:

The guys did something much more challenging than just posing for pictures. Haha... they took on the Batwing Spaceshot! Look at how happy they were:

We girls couldn't help teasing them. Haha... here's a video of their experience:

Man, their screams were loud... of course, if I went on it, I'd be screaming just as loud, if not louder. Ok, let me show you one photo that would capture what I mean:

Don't laugh. If you were on it yourself and you have a slight phobia of being in fast-moving things and high up places, you'd be screaming just as loudly as us, especially on the first drop which was very close to a 90-degree drop. Just watch this:

I really hate how they move you in the rollercoaster from the platform to the opening and they'd stop. They make you wait there for some reason (most probably to make you regret). I went, "OMG, I'm so gonna die, I'm so gonna die...." You have no idea how scared I was when it went up the highest point and dropped from there. I thought I was going to faint but hey, I actually enjoyed it! Haha! We went on it again right after getting off.... yes, we are crazy.

From that, it was to another ride - Lethal Weapon. It works exactly like a normal rollercoaster just that instead of having something solid to place your feet on, you have nothing. It feels like sitting on a swing.

I actually wasn't very keen on this one as I felt less secure without having anything under my feet but was successfully persuaded by Jenny. When I got on and when it was climbing up the highest point of the ride, I went, "I hate you Jenny... AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Seconds later, when it was doing the first out of several 360-degree turns, I went from hating Jenny to, "This is SSOOOOO COOOOLLLL!!!!!"

However, we were totally drenched by the ride as when we were upside down, we had water pour all over us with some ending in our mouths (as they were wide open for screaming). Yuck... You can't see me in the pic but I'm on the fourth row from the front where Shaun and Nic were:

After that, we went on an indoor rollercoaster, the Scooby-Doo ride. It wasn't as 'scary' as the first two but there were parts when I really did feel uneasy. I shall not disclose more in case some of you are planning a trip there. It wouldn't be any fun if you knew what happened... haha..

Finally, we decided that it was chow time. Unfortunately, it started to drizzle again and because a group of school children from China took all the seats that were sheltered, we ended up sitting along the kaki lima:

So kesian. Nevermind ler, we are nice people...

As we had food in our tummies, we went for not-so-terrifying rides thereafter. There was the 4D Shrek Adventure and a similar one that was over at the Batcave. Then, we were lucky that they decided to have the parade despite the slight drizzle. See if there are any here that you are not familiar with:

It was a happy day. Couldn't have been better if not for the dodgy weather...

And whaddya know?

The next day, we had brilliant weather!

The only downside of the weather was the piercing cold wind... goodness gracious... do you know how much we tahan to take this picture? We were actually freezing and couldn't even stand properly to smile!

I enjoyed myself heaps more on this day than I did at Movie World. I think it was due to the fact that there was virtually no one there to squeeze with us in there. Queues were either very short or non-existent. It was great!

We went on EVERY SINGLE RIDE that was open. I don't remember what they were all called but the first one had us lie face down on a styrofoam mat. I went on that slide three times. I went on every ride at least twice. I enjoyed the dark tube ride (Chee Sing and I literally couldn't tell where we were going as it was pitch black!), as well as the ride that all six of us went on at the same time. The most enjoyable one, though, I'd have to say was the scariest one - the Funnel. That was uber crazy! Too bad we don't have a video of us screaming our lungs out.

It was worth our money as we were non-stop sliding from the moment we were in there until the moment they closed, minus the time we took off to have lunch. So that was 6 hours of spills and thrills! Angeline, Jenny, next time if we actually do go again, both of you have to come on every ride with me ya? Not fair that you guys were only sitting in the spa pool...

Thank you, Wet 'n' Wild Water World for a funtastic time!


Ken Wooi said...

wish i can step foot in aussie one day :)

Chrys said...

there's always airasia!