Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Win a Birdie Says mug!

Did the word 'win' attract your attention? Haha, I hope it did because it sure did attract mine! If you like my blog template, you'd like this contest which Gisele is holding.

Gisele is one talented lass, designing blog templates and other artsy-fartsy stuff. Sometimes I wish I am half as imaginative as she is! This is her second giveaway contest and she's giving away mugs she designed!

Admittedly, I took a long time to decide which was my favourite, as I liked all of them! Therefore, I asked Shaun and I observed his facial expressions to judge which one he liked best:

Cute eh?

If you'd like to stand a chance to win yourself a good-looking mug like the one here, head over to the link up the top and join in the fun!

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