Monday, August 25, 2008

Kia Ora!

Kia Ora! Hello!

I'm writing this from the main library of the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. It is currently raining outside, which means we have to layer up before heading off somewhere. The temperature is very similar to Sydney's but because you are in Christchurch, you tend to psych yourself in believing that it is in fact colder than what it really is. Yes, we or no, I, like to torture myself like that.

Maybe it is because I've not seen the entire campus but something is telling me that UC is about the same size as MQ. Pet has brought me around and yes, I did take photos but that will have to wait. I am only able to provide a verbal account of the sights for now. The campus is super green and if I studied here, I think I'd be reluctant to leave.

I am just amazed at the variety of trees they have here. There are towering trees that provide that enchanted forest aura. There are trees that skirt walkways like a curtain to a window. There are weeping willows that hang over the creek that flows through the campus. There are trees that would transform the place into a winter wonderland when there is snow. And my goodness, they have so many ducks here!

Now, if I continue writing about my stay here using words, I think you guys know that I'd go on and on. That's why, I figured that it would be better for me to just jot down a few words now before I set off with my week-long drive around the island tomorrow morning.

Despite the cold (which I don't have a problem with), this trip has been a pleasant one. Being able to catch up with Pet in person since high school is definitely the high of this trip. Oh, and the weekend with Dor as well. We cleared up misunderstandings, spoke of our futures and laughed at our pasts. We ate heartily and embraced each other for who we are and are not.

I think this trip will be like my graduation roadtrip. With so much of Mother Nature around me, it would be hard not to think of my place in the world. Being with Pet and her flatmates also make me realise that the 2008 Olympic Games motto really does apply to people from all corners of the world: One World, One Dream.

Alright, more will come when I have pictures to refer to. Now, it's just blab.

And I just found something out: Not only can Pet read at superbionic speed, she can type and think at superbionic speed, too! Why can't I have normal friends?!?!

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