Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 2 of CNY

Everybody knows that the first day is reserved for the paternal side of the family. I mean, yea, it's a patriarchal society we're in no matter how hard we fight for it to be fair. So, the second day is reserved for the maternal side of the family to balance things out. Why not do both sides on the same day some of you may ask. Hm, well, if you ask me, I'd say why not have two days of fun?

I think having reunion lunch is becoming the thing to do as both reunion meals were lunches. It was so merry at grandma's place as everyone was there except for Youngest Aunt's family. As there were so many of us, we had to take turns to eat at the table! I'd have to say that the spare ribs pepper soup my aunt made was mouth-watering!

Not only that, the dessert that followed were delicacies you'd get only during CNY. Some of them included this 'beehive biscuit':

While munching on bickies and crackers, we talked. Oh yes, we talked a lot. We also had Pu Er tea. Ah, what a way to relax and reconnect with family and kin. Speaking of family and kin, here's a pic I took with my maternal grandparents:

And here's Momo, the family dog!

He's such a poser, isn't he?

When we've had our fair share of gossip and food, we scooted off to Brickfields. We were a little worried as the sky threatened to pour. It was all gloomy as we drove out of Serdang town.

Luckily, not many cars were on the road and there were plenty of parking spaces at the temple. We come every year to pay our respects and say our thanks for the wonderful year we've had.

Thankfully, not a single drop of water fell from the heavens above while we were saying our prayers and putting in our donations at the temple. Sadhu!

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