Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY inTemerloh

CNY is not complete without a trip back to Temerloh. Yea, grandpa, grandma and greatgrandma may not be around any longer but that doesn't mean that I can't pay a visit to my dear uncle there, right? Besides, there are added incentives - Siew Chi and Chee Sing are back in Malaysia!

Yup yup, so in addition to seeing my beloved cousins and smelling fresh air again, my second cousin Siew Chi (who is always away on assignment) and my Sydney friend Chee Sing are back in Temerloh and Mentakab respectively.

After having steamboat lunch at home with the family and bringing Samantha to her friend's place, we went over to granduncle's house to pay our respects. I was delighted to be able to catch up with Siew Chi again after 2 years. Actually, I don't even remember when was the last time we saw each other.

Chee Sing came slightly after 4pm to the house to bring me out for a cuppa. It was great to see him again, as well. It felt slightly weird though, as I am used to seeing him in Sydney, not in Malaysia and in MENTAKAB for that matter! He took me around Mentakab for a drive including Bukit Bendera where the rich and affluent people live. As Temerloh and Mentakab is famous for its timber and rubber industries, there are many 'unknown' millionaires living there. The garden of one of the houses was so vast, we literally had to drive from the back door to the front entrance!

Initially, we wanted to have a drink at Old Town but it was packed with people! So, we ended up at a Chinese tea house diagonally across the road. It wasn't too bad really. We also spoke the Angeline who was alone at home (God knows doing what).

Chee Sing then brought me to his house and there, I met his mum whom apparently knows who Dad is! To be exact, she knows the entire family! I found out that her family used to rent a room from grandpa when they were living in the new village. Also, Chee Sing's dad use to be First Aunt's classmate back in high school. What a small world this is!

Chee Sing, no wonder you're so good-looking ler, your mum is so leng lui!

We stayed on in Temerloh for dinner after which we detoured to Mentakab to stroll at the pasar malam. Not many stalls were open mainly due to the Chinese still being on holiday. We left after Bro bought some apam.

It was totally dark on the highway as we set off on our journey back to KL. Pitch black, really. Luckily, I chickened out from the driving before we hit the highway. Otherwise, I think I'd be petrified. Halfway through our journey, it started to drizzle. Mum was telling us that it was raining dogs and cats in KL. Pretty unusual phenomenon for CNY. The effects of global-warming, perhaps?

Right before the last toll, bro just had to make a stopover at the rest stop for his favourite tidbit...

... lemang! There was also some sambal and petai for sale at the stall manned by a young Malay man, a pakcik and a makcik. It was late in the night but business is as usual for them.

I like this pic I took. To me, it is a picture of perseverance and hard work, something we, the young do not seem to fathom. And if we, the young Chinese forget our roots, we will not be able to hold on much longer to the luxury and wealth we enjoy now.

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i concur ~ wot a great nap, that last pic!

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