Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 1 of CNY

This year, in preparation for the new year, I did the following in addition to the usual stuff of buying new clothes and shoes:

1) Dyed my hair in a tinge of black/purple.

2) Had my toenails done.

3) Had my fingernails done.

I can see a few heads shaking already. Haha, let me explain. They are so red because it's CNY!

Must haves for the new year would include a reunion meal of some sort. Traditionally, it would be a reunion dinner on the eve of the new year at the patriarch's house. This year, we tried something different - we had reunion lunch on the first day of the new year at a vegetarian restaurant. No, it's not weird.

They even served lou sang!

Apparently, the higher you toss the ingredients in the dish, the better your year would be. You can imagine the competition to 'pull' the things upwards... just hilarious!

And if you think vegetarian food is disgusting, think again.

Don't you think it looks delicious? The restaurant we went to uses beans in their cooking, not the usual flour stuff you'd get at the local mixed rice vegetarian places. This place, on the other hand, uses mainly organic produce and keeps oil to the minimum. It was interesting how they managed to make the food taste like the real thing - my aunts were wondering what type of fish they were eating!

Oh, and I thought this looked cute:

After all the yapping and laughing, it was picture-capturing time! Let me use this opportunity to introduce my dad's side to you:

The two female Voons of this generation - She Ying and Shi Jing.

Anti-clockwise, from bottom left: Li'l bro, Mum, Dad, dad's first younger sis, myself and dad's second younger sis.

The whole family (almost):
Front row, left to right: Samantha Voon (my only Voon cousin sis, Adrienne Voon (dad's first younger sis), Alicia Voon (dad's second younger sis), Mum, Aunty Siew Choo (uncle's wife).

Back row, left to right: Myself, Li'l bro, Dad, Nicholas Lee (Alicia's son), Aaron Lee (Alicia's husband), Uncle Lett (dad's younger bro), Samuel Voon (my only Voon cousin bro).

More to come tomorrow!

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