Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY with a high school feel

I didn't drive but I still managed to end up in PJ. My destination was a spacious house tucked away in a corner somewhere in Kampung Tunku. The person who was sweet enough to drive me all the way there was Pin Kean. You see, who says knowing your younger brother's friends is bad? It's so good!

It was great catching up with Mr. Bong again after a few years. For those of you who follow my blog and who had the pleasure of being taught by this witty Chemistry teacher, he is now retired. So, don't go returning to school thinking of visiting him. His lab is now used by a young Malay chap.

We were lucky that the whole family was there when we were. Diane, Malcolm and Mrs. Bong were all on a CNY break from Singapore. We were told that Mr. Bong now spends half the month here and the other there. Enjoying Singaporean PRship helps, which according to Diane, isn't all that hard to acquire. Hm, I think my Australian PRship is enough for now, eh?

We were given a tour of the house and I confess - the house is SUPER SPACIOUS! However, other than the size, everything else wasn't over the top. We reminisced over 3-in-1 coffee and Kuala Selangor prawn crackers. We talked about ex-classmates and ex-schoolmates, ex-teachers and present ones. Without realising it, we spent over an hour there!

Thank you, Mr. Bong!

Next stop, Taman Desa. The person we were visiting was a pretty lady with long hair and fair skin. She used to come in the morning driving flashy cars and we used to wonder why she bothered teaching us rascals when she could be a tai tai. Gosh, what's with being a high school teacher? You get to live in big houses and drive flashy cars! I think I should reconsider my career.

Yup, you guessed right, we were visiting Pn. Phang.

Although she was going out for dinner, she still spent some time talking to us, asking me questions regarding students she used to teach. She offered some tidbits but we were too full to consume much of it. As Pin Kean was also going to Sungai Besi for a mahjong session, we took our leave after I confirmed with her that she has my number saved in her mobile.

Pin Kean dropped me at MidValley where I met up with Yeow. He was in Carrefour shopping with two friends. One of them, Jet, was buying supplies to donate to the temple in conjunction with his birthday. Yeow and I spent the entire night together at the shopping complex. We had dinner, walked around, window-shopped. I bought a pint of rum raisin ice-cream from Häagen-Dazs for dad as it was his birthday.

When Yeow brought me home, he came in to wish Dad a happy birthday. Mum gave him an angpau in return. Haha, fancy that! I think Yeow is the only guy friend I have who would do that - I mean the going into the house to wish my dad thingy.

Thanks, Pin Kean. Thanks, Yeow.

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