Friday, August 07, 2009

And I thought I could hold the record

What record? The record of being the only member of the family without a history of being admitted into hospital.

On Tuesday morning, this dream was no more. Sigh.

I was woken up by a weird feeling. The feeling of being under pressure and I started to experience shortness of breath. Soon after, my room (or was it my head?) started to spin. I tried to control it by taking a few deep breaths, thinking that my brain was lacking oxygen but it did not seem to help.

The dizziness was starting to really get to me, as I felt nauseous. Walking to the toilet took some effort and it was then that I recalled the incident in Christchurch. I started to panic and I tried my best to drag myself to Mum and Dad's room. First knock: I could not reply their question of 'What's wrong?'. Second knock: "I'm in agony".

They rushed me to the hospital and I was put under medication and was given a jab. Worse, they wanted to keep me there longer and I had to put up a night in a building with air-conditioning set at Sydney's winter temperature. Great.

Apparently, I had what they call benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. The doctor had a physiotherapist come visit me every now and then to teach me exercises that would help re-balance the liquid in my inner ear. They prescribed tablets that made me sleepy, supposedly to help with the dizziness. I thought it funny that they replaced the dizziness with sleepiness, though.

Within the short 30-odd hours I was there, I had 3 visitors: two colleagues and my dear friend, Max. You are such a darling la, how not to love friends like you leh? Many thanks to Miss Yong and Miss Teoh, who despite not having experience driving on a highway let alone drive to Sunway, made it to deliver a pack of Brand's chicken essence.

I managed to finish three-quarters of a new book my Dad brought and realised how uninteresting spending time in a hospital can get. Why did I ever think that hospital stays are fun?

So yea, I am the latest addition to the list of family members with a hospital admission history.

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XC said...

hey dear how's u now ?
out of sudden pengsan ~~~
must be too busy lor ~~~
hey hey take good care of urself yar~~~