Thursday, August 13, 2009

Life #2

One of my 3-year-olds arrived this morning with three bouquets of flowers. When his mother was asked, she said he just felt like presenting them to the three teachers who taught him. Hm, okay...

He gushed with pride over the flowers, showing them off to friends saying that he was giving them to the teachers. He was happy and so were we.

One of the teachers leave for home at 3:00pm, which was also the time he wakes up from his afternoon nap. He saw the teacher bring a bouquet up the stairs and he quickly got up from his cot.

"Miss Yong, Miss Yong!"
"Yes, what?"
"Miss Yong, you cannot bring back the flower."
"But you say the flower is for me ma."
"Yes, the flower is for you. For you to see ma. I want to bring home afterwards."

Five minutes later, he was hollering Miss Yong's name from the bottom of the stairs. He was there waiting for her to send another child off at the gate. When Miss Yong finally appeared at the top of the stairs, he had this to say to her:

"Remember ah, don't bring the flowers back ah. I want to bring home one ah."

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