Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I would like to dedicate this short post to two special people:

1) Dorothy Cheong, my high school partner-in-crime

Congratulations, girl! Okay, I think I should not say 'girl' anymore. Should call you 'woman'! So eligible to call you that now since you are PREGNANT! YEAY! Since your baby is due in Feb, and on the 13th day of CNY, it is a New Year baby! Congrats again!

2) Fong Chee Kin, ex-student and friend

Thank you so much for ringing me up. It was a great addition to my day. Feel so proud to have been part of your childhood and hopefully, you feel the same. Congratulations on attaining four As for your A-Levels! Hugs! We are so going out for Haagen-Das ice-cream!

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