Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another week

Time flies when you least want it to, doesn't it? I totally hate it when you know very well that you have stuff to do, you plan and try hard to heed that plan that ends up being messed up. Why plan if that's the case? Makes planning a total waste of time.

Another week. Sigh. Another week of my life has gone. Just like that. And what do I have to show for it?

Well, for starters, I still have a middle finger that makes people think that I am a lunatic - I mean, Stef, really, I would not want to only colour one finger and why that particular finger if I had to? At least I can put that finger straight now and if I accidentally touch it, it doesn't hurt as much. But, the sting is still there. Definitely. Also, I have no idea why the hill of a bruise is still there. It's like you can still feel the 'hill' when you run your finger over my finger. Eeyer, geli...

The inspection for a place that happened last week didn't work out to be too smooth. Although the place we looked at was in a good neighbourhood, two of the three rooms were extremely small. Good part about it was Housemate 3 came along so I had an extra pair of eyes and another brain to help decide whether to apply for the place or not. This week's inspection was much better. Saw a total of four places, three of which we will apply for. So, fingers crossed la although I think it is still harder for us as others there were already prepared with documents and holding deposit cash. Us? Sigh, it always is only me alone who goes so how would I be able to apply for three of us? Okay, documents I can provide for them but their signatures?

Played baddy on Sunday at a sports hall that was not originally a sports hall. The lights were super distracting - I could hardly see the shuttle! But since it had been such a long time since I lifted a racquet, it was a good workout despite it being for a short time only. The next morning my whole body ached.... aaaahhhh, oklar, not so kua cheong, the whole of my right side ached. That is what you call unfitness.

Met up with a few friends for lunch and dinner throughout the week. One was at Milliore, where I watched everyone else eat. Haha... the other was at Kura to have a 'last meal' with Sheau Kang. She's headed for the Lion City, where she managed to secure a post in SGH. Congrats! Jenny and I also had the chance to hangout at Lynn and Diane's office. Haha, see how naughty we can get when our bosses are not around....

Let's see what the next week would bring. I hope I get more work done and more importantly, manage to find a place to move out to!

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