Thursday, March 04, 2010

March matters

How did I log into the month of March? By stamping it onto my finger.....

Was at Jenny's for dinner with friends. When Michael headed to throw the trash out, he asked me to open the door for him. As the door was about to slam shut, I tried to hurry to it to hold it open but, unfortunately for me, I did not run fast enough and had my middle finger clamped by the super heavy duty door.

At first, I thought, hm, it would not hurt bad. Little did I know that after a few seconds, the pain kicked in in full capacity.

OMFG, I was in throbbing pain in a matter of seconds. Before I realised it, I was ushered to the sink to have my finger placed in running cold tap water. I protested but as I was held tightly by Michael, I had to place it there despite the bleeping pain. I even have a blood clot and a bruised hill of a finger to show:

Joy and Van prepared ice water for me to soak my finger in, which I really did not enjoy, either. In between my sobs, I went, "Michael, very pain...." Michael was really patient with me, coaxing me throughout the whole ordeal, trying to calm me down. Audrey, being a very calm and level-headed person, reminded me to breath normally and to stop hyperventilating.

Come to think of it, I think it was Michael's first time seeing my cry like that. I am dead serious - it really did effing hurt.

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