Saturday, March 20, 2010

You are a Scorpio?

She was surprised when I told her my birthday is in November.

"You mean, you're a Scorpio?"

Hm, yea, anything wrong with that? My first impression was that she had this bad spell with Scorpios that she despised them. Either that or, she has lovely Scorpio friends whom she loved to bits. I lifted an eyebrow to provoke her for more elaboration.

"How can that be? That's not possible! Not one bit are you like a Scorpio!"

Er, what am I supposed to be like then? But I am, Scorpio, you know. Very much one, in fact.

"No, no. You do not strike people as a Scorpio, really. You know how Scorpios are erm, 'poisonous'?"

Yes, yes. I do know that. I can be so if I want to but what good does that do? Just so you feel that what a friend said about yourself does not sound nice, you want to engage in a verbal war with her/him? Seriously, not worth my effort and time.

"You see! Normally, Scorpios do not think like that! They would just bam, say something that would get back at that person. It is supposed to be an in-built nature of Scorpios! How can you be a Scorpio when you think about making peace all the time?"

So does that mean both my mum and my brother aren't very good Scorpios, too? Haha, they love making peace with others. In fact, we try our best not to bother others as much as possible. Sometimes, it goes up to the point whereby we trouble ourselves a hell lot more just to get something done or to settle a misunderstanding.

"You are supposed to remember what others have done to you so that you can return the 'favour' with two times the sting."

........ ok? Then I would be remembered as the bad person! Why would I want to do that to myself? Yes, I remember things that people have done unto me. I always do. Heck, I still remember birthdays and some phone numbers of friends from primary school. If you cross my line, I will most definitely remember how you have done so and when. Even more so if you are a close friend because it would hurt more. But that doesn't mean that I use that memory to hurt them back! Why, we would be playing beat around the bush like that! It's tiring!

"You see! Someone like you, who runs up and down collecting signatures and collating documents for other people at no cost cannot be a Scorpio!"

But I am one.

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