Sunday, June 20, 2010

PappaRoti Kogarah

It has been a very long time since I last woke up that early. I think it was the first time I woke up that early for work. The last time I remember waking up at that time was for my trip to Guangzhou last June. Gosh, nearly a year ago!

I was up at 4:45am. My train was at 5:40am, which I took to Redfern for a change to Kogarah. I diligently and surprisingly, alertly read the article that I brought along, even scribbling notes. I had my breakfast shake at Redfern while waiting at the platform.

Simon and David were already at the shop. After I put my bag down, Junda stepped in and handed me my new gear. He went through briefly what I was to do and for that morning, I was in charge of piping:

Took me a while to get my spirals looking not too bad.

Standing next to the oven was great because of the warmth it provided and also the smell of these handsome buns!

The other job I had was to stand in front of the shop to hand out flyers to passers-by. Melissa and I took turns at that, but I was outside more than I was inside.

Jenny, I do not know how you managed to withstand the piercing cold wind! Salute!

I left at 11:15am to catch a train to class. I brought some of our trademark buns to treat my friends and...

... didn't they love it!

I think I would have to bring more next week - I take that as a good sign but they were lamenting how far Kogarah is from everyone. Yes, yes, we are trying to look for a place in the city or nearby so fingers crossed!

I arrived back at the shop at 2:30pm and could see Jenny waving at me from afar. She was talking to Edward and introduced the both of us. My tasks in the arvo were more inside - helped Lisa at the back with filling the piping bags with topping, defrosting the dough, transferring dough from the freezer room to the cool room to the trays to the trolleys........ yea, long process. But if that long process would bring in queues like this, it is all worth it!

I had a good time talking to David, the barista, getting to know him a little better. Speaking of which, you have to eat these buns with coffee! We serve Scared Grounds organic coffee and they are a fabulous combination!

Come try out our buns - no harm right? They have a great mocha topping with a buttery-filling, which is halal and easy to bring along. No harm trying, right? But if you ask me, I would say you would love them!

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