Monday, June 14, 2010

Set a date in your calendar!

Okay people, listen up!

If you have been observant, you would have noticed that I have a red little rectangle in my sidebar. If you were inquisitive enough to have clicked it, you would already know what this post is all about. For those of you still in the dark, shame on you... haha..

Anyways, being the nice person that I am, you are forgiven. Let me fill you in...

The very first PappaRoti outlet is opening in Australia! Woohoo!!!

All thanks to Junda and his mates for making this happen. Tomorrow is the grand opening and guess what - they are giving out FREE buns the entire day. Yes, FREE! No conditions attached. After tomorrow until Sunday, the promotion is that you would get one bun free when you buy one bun.

These buns are delicious - crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. Add the aromatic coffee smell of the topping and you would get a fabulous Malaysian-made Mexican bun! No wonder they could sell up to 5000 buns a day in Jusco!

No, I am not uploading photos here of the bun because you have to go see it for yourself. Buy it, try it, taste it and I would know that you are lying if you do not like it (unless you are not a bun or coffee person).

The shop is located in Kogarah, which is along the South Coast/Illawarra train line. From the exit/entrance of the train station, turn right and walk straight down after crossing the road. Here, a graphic illustration for your convenience:

Grab a pen, write it down in your diary! Grab your phone and set it in your reminders!

Congratulations to Junda and team! Wishing you guys an exciting and fruitful journey ahead!

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