Monday, June 07, 2010

The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive

You did not see that wrong - yes, it is PEDIGREE.

Some of you, no, I'd reckon all of you must be thinking: Since when did this girl get a pet?

Well, she did not, but that does not mean that she would not blog about it, ey?

I am not crazy about pets, or more specifically, dogs but I do not totally hate them, either. And hence, the whole point of this blog post: helping out our less fortunate furry four-legged friends.

The Pedigree Adoption Drive reminded me of Oreo, a small black and white puppy taken back from a kennel my cousins once looked after before a caring family adopted it:

Isn't she adorable? She used to stick her tongue out lots, tug onto your pants whenever you are sitting on the floor, and just follow you around the house quietly. I accidentally stepped on her a few times myself because I just didn't realise she was there!

I have never had a dog of my own. I have had guinea pigs, rabbits and now fish but never a dog. Perhaps, if I had one, I would be

more able to accept change (yes, I admit I am a stubborn person)

more likely to deal better with stress (yes, I admit I melt under pressure)

have less contact with my doctor (yes, I admit I am a taufu)

have lower cholesterol levels

lower blood pressure and

better psychological health than non-dog owners.

Unfortunately, despite having two flatmates who are crazy about getting a dog, we are not allowed to have pets in our first-floor unit. Therefore, an opportunity has arisen for those of you who have a large backyard for a mutt to dig holes in and kill your flowers!

1) Go to The Pedigree Adoption Drive website to search for and adopt a dog.

2) If you think you would like to help Pedigree but not by adopting a dog (because you are in the same situation as I am), make donations in support of PetRescue to help homeless dogs, and buy merchandise (100% of sales go to PetRescue).

3) If you already have a dog or dogs and do not think you can handle an extra one, fret not - you are still helping by buying Pedigree products.

4) If you are strapped for cash, no worries - you can still help out by 'liking' their Facebook page. By doing that, you are donating a bowl of dogfood to the little doggies. As simple as that!

If not, just think of it as doing me a little favour (as I am not allowed to have a pet AND I am strapped for cash)....... thanks, y'all!

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