Sunday, June 27, 2010

Plenty of vegetables and walking

This arvo over lunch, Xin Wen asked if I was turning vegetarian. I shook my head and gave a negative response. She was worried that I was. Don't really blame her, as I have been frequenting vegetarian places more recently.

Yesterday was a green day for me. I am trying to make it a point to have vegetarian every 1st and 15th day of the lunar month, like Mum - she does it with so much discipline. Therefore, when we were at Naggy's, I decided to order something that did not have meat. I was thrilled to see something actually 'vegetarian' on the Specials board. Take a guess which it was that I ordered...

Yes, I ordered the last dish on the board, the Mediterranean vegetable lasagna served with crisp salad:

The salad looked great, despite the scary onions:

I recommended the french toast to Alex, which he actually did order:

He ordered the same thing I normally order, which was the one with the citrus butter and berry compote:

We then searched for the temple in Glebe. Literally, we searched and what was worse was that I could not even recall the name of the temple! Good thing Alex used his brain and went into the Glebe Library to check online. We found out the name and address of the well-hidden temple:

Typical of most Chinese temples, the 112-year-old Sze Yup Temple had an arch gate with a pair of guardian lions:

With the smell of burning incense obvious from round the corner, it was delightful to see the temple for myself.

It reminded me very much of home, as the temple resembled those in Penang and Melaka - long and narrow divided into several sections serving different purposes.

From there, we walked to the University of Sydney, as Alex has not seen the newer buildings. We cut across to Newtown, where I went to Holy Sheet! to buy a new olive green sheet. Feeling tired, we took a bus back to the city and made a stop at QVB to look at watches. I saw one at Swatch, which I really liked but hm, we'll see if it will become mine.

Next stop was the Sony Centre in World Square. Alex wanted to check out the new camera, which they did not have. Thus, we walked over to Ted's, where he had a fiddle with it. I felt that he was not really keen after having a feel of it but I am sure he would know what to do after reading up more about the pros and cons of it by other users.

Having no where to go before dinner time, we had a stroll at Darling Harbour and a small tete-a-tete. It made me think of how our friendship is and it would be interesting to see what it would be like as time progresses. After enough talking and watching the world pass us by, we headed over to our designated dinner venue, Peace Harmony.

A vegetarian Thai restaurant with a fresh light green facade and a calming Buddhist chant playing in the background, it is not hard to tell why this small establishment would be full.

We opted to sit at the back of the shop, in a corner. I quite enjoyed the food we ordered, which were a bowl of tom yum soup, which was very sour...

...and a main dish of Pad Prik Khing:

I totally recommend this dish! The sauce, fragrant with lemongrass strips mixed in a tangy, slightly spicy peanut sauce just opens up your taste buds! The only downside to dinner was how the two waitresses had to run around the whole shop, serving everyone. It took them a while to hand us our takeaway box but I would not mind going again to try their other dishes.

Who's up for more vegetarian cuisine in two weeks?

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