Friday, October 18, 2013

Sedap Malaysian Kopitiam at Regent Place

Suddenly, everyone is starting a Malaysian restaurant. Not too long after PappaRich opened their doors in Chatswood, I heard of another Malaysian eatery opening up in the food court of Westfield Chatswood called Sedap. Literally, sedap means tasty or delicious in Malay.

Friends were asking questions like, "Chrys, have you tried already or not?" and "Eh, you know the owner also or not?", as well as raving about the char kway teow and prawn noodles. Hm, really that good?

When they opened an outlet at Regent Place, I rang my old classmate, actually, my only Desarian classmate here in Sydney to meet up for lunch. They were not hard to find, with their bright green neon signage.

They had one wall of Penang street art, presumably trying to achieve the hawker effect. They did have quite a few street food on their menu.

Their counter was also in typical kopitiam style complete with condensed milk tins in the front.

The most recommended item on their menu, to me, would definitely be their teh tarik ($3.50) - great authentic taste served in mugs that we use at some kopitiams back home.

The three layered tea ($4.50) was another story. Michael felt that it was just so so. I felt that they would have done better with less ice.

Their char kway teow ($12.00) had good wok hei and was in true Penang style, as it came with Chinese sausages. However, in comparison, I prefer the char kway teow over at Petaling Street.

I liked the presentation of their nasi lemak with curry chicken ($12.00). However, the rice lacked the lemak umph and their sambal could have been spicier. Taste-wise, I still find the nasi lemak at The Rag Land the best.

Nat liked their Hainanese chicken rice ($12.00). The chicken pieces were tender and succulent while the rice itself had good chicken rice taste. The soup was flavoursome but seemed to have too much salt.

I enjoyed their wat tan hor ($12.00), too. It came in a big serving and had a good balance of flat rice noodles and fried vermicilli. Good portion of greens, too.

I had high expectations for their prawn noodles ($12.00) but was disappointed. A little bland and did not have enough prawn taste in the soup. Perhaps the soup could have been left to boil for longer?

Michael felt that their dry egg noodles with curry chicken ($14.50) was just average. Not salty enough, he said and could have been a bigger portion for the price they charged.

Chee cheong fun ($4.50) was not too bad but unlike Petaling Street's version that has fish balls and dried beancurd pieces, this version at Sedap did not. It did, however, get served warm, which meant that the rice noodle rolls were soft.

Curry puff ($1.50), ah, the common Malaysian snack. We thought we gave theirs a try, just to find out which type of curry puff it was.

It was the version with chicken and potato cubes inside, which is slightly different to Albee's Kitchen's version (which I still think has the best curry puffs in Sydney).

A little tight on space but if you are not fuss, it really is not a big deal. Generally clean and had inconsistent service, as I have found that they were more overwhelmed (and a little out of control) when the crowd grew bigger. Other than their strategic location (above Town Hall Station, walk through the corridor behind KFC), everything else about Sedap was not so sedap, really (except for their teh tarik). I would rather cross the road to HSBC food court to savour the char kway teow over at Alice's Makan. Yes, yes, we are spoilt for choice, aren't we?

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Sedap Malaysian Kopitiam at Regent Place
Shop 10, 501 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Daily 9:00am to late

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CheaYee said...

heh. U went to the one at Regent place as well. I think they were trying toó hard by serving so many dishes on the menu.

A lot of these dishes are prepared by si fus at home with years and years of experience. So obviously when they bring it overseas, their lack of 'kung fu' shows.
I know shops in North Sydney selling laksa for cheap previously, and they were always too busy and sold out quickly. These guys could take a lesson from there.

And the food here isnt cheap either!