Sunday, October 27, 2013

Taska & Tadika Kembangsari: Double celebration

The educators started to ask which day are they to stay on after work to help pack the goody bags for the children. Mum simply replied that they will be informed. After a few days, slightly agitated, they asked again. Mum decided that this year, none of the educators will have to stay on after work because the children will be part of the packing.

Some time during lessons were used to implement this special "activity" that incorporated teamwork, communication, turn-taking, counting, sorting and sharing. This special activity in packing goody bags for everyone in their group not only allowed them to learn the fore-mentioned but also to take pride in their own contributions to the group, as well as develop a sense of belonging.

"Look, my mummy made these for us." "My daddy bought these for us." We could just feel the happiness and pride. We were done with the packing on Wednesday, our earliest to date. Previously, the packing would go on till after dinner on the night before the actual day.

Since we had Thursday free, we started blowing the balloons. More were blown on Friday morning. With the passing breeze, the children were welcome to school on Children's Day by a floating display of red, fuchsia, orange and yellow.

The children love this day. Some parents even revealed how their little ones have never gotten ready as quickly as on this morning. How could they not be excited and not look forward to having a full day of games and laughter with their friends wearing masks and party hats they made themselves?

Year after year, the parents never fail to impress. This year, this was even more so the case, as some parents contributed not just once but twice, which resulted in three things. Firstly, the children had so many presents in their goody bags this year.

Secondly, we were all spoilt for choice when it came to food.

It was like a competition to see whose contribution was the best - there were so many home-made things like jellies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, puddings and even carved fruit!

We were so touched with the amount of time and personalised effort that the parents had invested into preparing their contributions.


Thirdly, not only were the children happy, so were the educators - so delightful to see the children thoroughly enjoying themselves! Of course, secretly elated that there was so much to eat, too!

But the icing on the cake would have to be that unexpected phone call from the Selangor Department of Community and Welfare asking Mum when she would be going in to collect her "stuff". Mum was not sure what "stuff" it was but the lady over the phone said that it has been there since December waiting to be collected.

Little did we know that while Mum and Dad were in Melbourne for Pei Shin's wedding with me last year, the department awarded us Model Childcare Centre for the municipality of Subang Jaya for the year 2012. Wow, we were stoked and felt very honoured! In all honesty, when Mum sent this photo to me over Whatsapp, I could not contain my excitement. I was so proud of Mum, I had tears in my eyes.

It has been a wonderful week for us at Honey Bee, a week worth celebrating.

To all our wonderful children, Happy Children's Day and to our remarkable staff members congratulations! This award would not have been possible without each and every one of you and your understanding families!

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