Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Flying Teapot Cafe

Recently, a friend has been frequenting a cafe, apparently new in our hood. The photos she shared showed a place in a lot of pink and with a unique name, Flying Teapot. One night, we chose this cafe as our catch up venue.

Just like in the photos, the main theme colour of this cafe was pink. Different shades of pink were presented in the paint, decor and furniture.

However, the main theme was, as you could assume from the name of the cafe, teapots. As such, the place was decorated with many teapot fixtures, such as teapot lampshades, teapot lighting, teapot telephone, teapot clock and teapot holders to name a few.

In addition to their main product of tea (they serve a variety of different black, green, flower and fruit tea), they are also a vegetarian cafe.

If we arrived earlier, we would have tried their selection of cakes, too.

We were reminded that each person would have to order at least one drink. Payment here is still cash only.

Seems like the open kitchen concept is catching on back here, too. Like many places in Sydney, the trend is to allow diners a chance to watch the kitchen in action. 

They also had this in one corner:

Perfect place to goof around and take photos for people like my crazy friends...

They even had a portion of the shop set up as a clothes boutique. This part of the shop carried a sailor theme. In case you are wondering, it was Korean fashion with pricing comparable to some more well-known brands sold in our shopping malls.

I found their menu creatively designed. It was in a newspaper format and did not have too many things to look at. Sometimes, less is more, as the more choices we consumers are given, the more confused we become.

Diners have the option of having tea for one (ranging from RM8.90-RM12.90/AUD3.05-AUD4.40) or tea for two (ranging from RM15.00-RM19.00/AUD5.10-AUD6.50).

Our orders of tea came accompanied by a teapot-shaped bickie served on a teapot-shaped saucer.

Just look at the adorable teapot!

As I was the only person who had not had dinner, I ordered a plate of Toona Spaghetti (RM16.90/AUD5.80), which I enjoyed. Although light, fragrant with herbs and sufficient in portion.

Perhaps as early childhood educators, we pay attention to artsy and adorable details - we noticed that our plates had different fruit motives.

Friendly service, inviting ambience, clean environment and ample parking available. The best part was that they made eating vegetarian food less boring. Would definitely visit again!

Flying Teapot Cafe
9-1 Ground Floor, Jalan SP 2/7, Taman Serdang Perdana, Sek 2, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 3 8940 9168
Monday to Saturday 12:00pm to 10:00pm
*Cash transactions only

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Anonymous said...

js saw ur comment on this place. very interesting. but I am confused on their min consumption of "1 person 1 drink". means every person that sit on the table has to order 1 drink?? What if it is a table of 4 but they choose not to order drinks? Or js 2 or 3? Not allowed to dine in there?