Saturday, February 08, 2014

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café @ Darling Quarter

Since Guylian opened a branch at Darling Quarter, we have made it our dessert place in addition to Lindt. Each visit would see one of us placing an order for a Guylian Hot Chocolate ($7.50), which is a special blend chocolate drink with a choice of milk, dark or praline. 

For those who enjoy their drinks cold, the Guylian Iced Chocolate ($8.50) is a satisfying choice. I have always found the cold version not as sweet as the hot version.

On special occasions, we would order cakes, too. We have tried the 100% Pleasure ($16.00), Belgian chocolate mousse with almond panna cotta and Guylian shiny icing. To me, this does not have the wow factor but perhaps not being a big fan of panna cotta did not help, either.

However, I really enjoyed the Guylian Dark Baked Chocolate Cake ($16.00), a rich Belgian chocolate cake with signature ganache and a scoop of white chocolate and raspberry ice cream. The cake was really rich and the sour taste in the ice cream helped to balance the flavours.

On one occasion, I tried the Tiramisu ($15.50), mascarpone sabayon cream with chocolate sponge fingers and dark chocolate paillete feuilletine. I thought it could do with just that bit more of alcohol...

Service is normally quick but be strategic with which day and time you choose to visit. Weekends are normally very crowded.

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Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café @ Darling Quarter
TR5/TR6 1-25 Harbour Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.
Tel: +61 2 9283 1947, Fax: +61 2 9283 2398
Open daily 8:00am till late

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