Thursday, November 12, 2015


Allie took us to a local breakfast shop - one of his usual haunts - for breakfast. It was a bright, sunshiny day in Hualien and I totally soaked up the cheerful weather.

It resembled very much our local kopitiams, just a smaller one. And heaps cleaner, I'd have to say. I suppose because it is a small shop, the owner (the lady at the hot plate in black) knew almost everyone who stopped by and was extremely friendly.

It took me an extremely long time to "read" their menu. Well, you know, I am illiterate when it comes to Chinese but I do know how to read some words. For example, I could read "蛋饼" because I love egg and what more, an egg pancake!

And of course our order included one of those egg pancakes! We also ordered a radish cake, both dishes cooked on the hot plate.

Wow, how mouth-watering does this look? It was delicious, too!

This radish cake was in fact what we call char kway kak but minus the bean sprouts and preserved vegetables.

The bowl of century egg and pork floss porridge was huge. In fact, there were so many ingredients in it, I wasn't sure if I was eating any porridge.

Mum ordered a corn soup as her drink and because it came in a big bowl, she shared it with Dad. They felt that it could even be had on its own.

In case you would like to pay this shop a visit, this is its location:

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