Sunday, November 01, 2015

Beliu Giant Tree

At the halfway point between Hehuan Mountain and Taroko was an interesting stop. This stop was to look at a tree called the Beliu Giant Tree, a huge Lunta Fir that stood at about 50 metres in height and aged more than 3,200-years-old.

There was also a cafe nearby whose owner I thought were really smart to have set up shop there. They were really friendly, too. We decided to have our lunch there and as they served us, they promoted their specialty products that contained peach.

As we were vegetarian on that day, Mum and I ordered a vegetarian set while Dad decided to try their mutton set.

It tasted as good as it looked!

Not only did we filled up our tummies, we also filled up the car boot with 10 bottles of peach honey and countless packets of dried peach. I really did not expect Mum to buy that many but her response was, "Buy 9 free 1 so I bought 9 la!" Right, of course.

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